Statement on Loughborough University's Workshop Re-Opening Policy

After reviewing the University’s existing workshop policy and reopening plans for the year, we at Loughborough Space have serious concerns. 

Existing policy will run the workshops at a fraction of safe capacity.  This will not only cripple our project work for the next year.  It will place thousands of Loughborough students at risk by denying them the ability to undertake the project work and learn the practical skills necessary to be useful and competent graduates.  They will be made effectively unemployable, just as they are thrown into the most challenging employment climate in generations. 

This workshop policy does not reflect the existing legal situation, is at odds with general University reopening policy, and is backed by a poorly written and insufficient risk assessment. 

Loughborough Space has prepared two policy documents in response to this.  First, our Policy Statement on Workshop Closure examines this policy in light of law, guidance and risk assessments.  It demonstrates the insufficiency of current policy and the significant detriment to all Loughborough students that will result.  Second, our Workshop Policy Recommendations outlines a rigorous and comprehensive set of safety guidelines to enable safe reopening and full or near-full capacity. 

It is critically important that we are able to address this issue now before the academic year starts.  This irresponsible workshop policy can only have a catastrophic impact on the education and wellbeing of the student body if it is allowed to go unchallenged. 

At Loughborough Space, we don’t just want to shout about problems.  We want to be part of creating solutions.  We have a solution, and we need your help to make this happen for the sake of the whole Loughborough University community.  Please help us by reading the documents, and consider lending your support. 

If you are a Loughborough Student, or part of a Loughborough society or school committee, please consider supporting this effort by adding your voice to the conversation. 

Support us by endorsing our policy.